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ABOUT USOur Core Values

Our Mission is:
Making it easy to unlock the value of esports for everyone
We do this by prioritizing the following core values.
Do it together

Teamwork is essential. Without collaboration across multiple teams and disciplines, nothing Mainline has accomplished would have been possible. Teamwork got us here, and teamwork will get us where we’re going. We are united with a singular focus, an enduring ideal to constantly elevate the team above the individual. It is a “we” vs. “I” mentality, and the betterment of the team should always come first. This begins with a focus on transparent communication and manifests itself through visible and authentic trust.

Love what we do

Work isn’t always fun, but we believe everyone should still have fun while at work. We will create an open, inclusive, and enjoyable workplace that enables every employee to experience happiness. We want to foster an environment where we can dream bigger than we thought possible as individuals and as a team. It should be a joy to work on the cutting edge of technology and create innovative products and experiences, and we should equally employ amazing and diverse people. Our environment will reflect and foster that.

Give a damn

We are passionate about the work we do. We care about the quality of our product. We care about the quality of the experiences we create. We care about each other. We care about the community. We pay attention to the details. We never settle for subpar. We are fully committed to the tasks we undertake. We each take incredible pride and ownership in the work we create. And we certainly give a damn about our clients.

Improve continuously

Big dreams require us to always challenge the status quo. We have set out to solve complex problems knowing it will not be easy, but through a constant desire to learn and grow, with courage and boldness, we promise to better our craft, our code, and ourselves. If it were easy, everyone would do it. We are competitive by nature and will always want to achieve more, but will simultaneously maintain the utmost care and be good stewards of what we receive.

Strive for "WOW"

Part of creating world-class products and experiences for organizations, players, and users is for the feedback to always result in “WOW.” The emphasis will constantly be on our customers and the community; we want to get out of their way and let them enjoy what we offer. We want our products to be easy to use and accessible by all. This drives our daily work habits and underscores our conversations, deliverables, and mentality.

OUR CEOChris J. Buckner

We bring the breadth of our experience and industry knowledge to help your next esports tournament or event be a successful one.

We’re here to make the “e” stand for “ease” in the esports category. We’re a company of gamers who have set out to eliminate the pitfalls, challenges, and inefficiencies of esports tournaments. From selecting the most ideal game title for your community, to rule book generation, managing publisher and IP restrictions, moderation services, and support…we’ve thought of it all. We’ve also developed a full suite of solutions our team is excited to share and manage for you to ensure all of your esports tournaments are a grand slam success every time.

Our Team

There’s a lot that goes into esports tournaments. From choosing a game title that will most engage your community, to formats and rule book writing, publisher and IP restrictions, moderating and support. It can be daunting. Our enthusiastic team of developers, product specialists, tournament administrators, client managers, designers, producers, and more are here to make that process easy.

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Mainline is an enthusiastic team of developers, product specialists, tournament administrators, client managers, designers, producers, and more.