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About the Position

Mainline (“ML”) is opening a position for a Production Manager who will be able to produce and manage all aspects of an esports broadcast including initial graphics creation and integration, scene building and animation, audio engineering, technical directing, talent management, observation, etc.

About You: 

Watching live TV is different to you. “There’s an ooops.” “Why is that there?” “Audio bleed.” “Double audio.” “Audio is hard.” “What is this framing?” “Someone’s in their ear.” “What is this latency?” are all phrases you murmur at the television while your viewing partner stares blankly at you, possibly annoyed.  

Yet, you’re still fascinated by it. “I wonder what program/device/method they’re using” is also something you say constantly to yourself. Watching The Today Show adjust to the world of pandemic work-from-home production has been an enrapturing evolution to witness over the past few months to you. Your friends say you “work too much”, and you know they’re right, yet somehow you’re hungry for more.  You know there’s a new troublesome, crazy complex, ingenious workflow out there waiting to be figured out and that drives you. You recognize the value of traditional broadcast workflows but still love pushing your team to remote and even cloud-based production. 

You love talking to clients. You want to hear what they’re trying to accomplish and be given the mic to explain the one of many possibilities that will help them reach their goal, recommending the best bang for their buck and coolest experience for the viewer. You know how to do the creative things: building a narrative, writing Run of Shows, direct talent, selecting shots, the technical things: how to get video from point A to point B, but you also get the business side: the  budgeting, building quotes, and how to lead a team.

You will read the list of responsibilities below and not be intimidated, but ecstatic at the opportunity to tackle a mountain of new challenges.


  • Maintain ownership of and management of all ML production/broadcast and live event projects
    • Act as project manager for all team projects including task assigning and deadline management
  • Manage production team schedule for year and understand availability and feasibility of accepting new projects
  • Ensure healthy employee welfare and work life balance
  • Develop and grow the production team
    • Providing training, education, and testing opportunities
    • Develop staff professionally and personally
    • Manage all personnel decisions with HR and managing executive
  • Lead production improvement projects (studio build outs, cloud infrastructure implementation, etc.) 
  • Maintain all equipment hardware and software inventory items and requisition/retirement
  • Work closely with sales and client success develop clients/partners and ensure the highest customer satisfaction
  • Develop and maintain departmental budgets & purchasing policies
  • Provide rate sheets, quotes, and estimations for sales efforts and client needs
  • Manage a vast network of production and subject matter expert contractors and manage onboarding and project work as needed
  • Contract and manage talent as required for projects
  • Work closely with the creative team in requesting and developing graphical assets for projects
  • Work closely with clients to ensure all sponsorship and partnership production/broadcast obligations are fulfilled
  • Serve various production roles as needed including, but not limited to: 
    • Producer, director, show caller, observer, sub-switcher, audio technician, etc. 
  • Create and manage all project communication and documentation for client onboarding, project schedule, project management, graphical documentation, run of show, crew documentation, recaps, feedback, etc. 

Skills & Qualifications:


  • 3-4+ years producing esports events across multiple game titles
  • Great familiarity and experience with in-studio, REMI, and cloud based production workflows and best practices
  • Vast understanding of broadcast and  production industry standards, equipment, technologies, signal flows, & best practices
  • Understanding of industry standard pricing models and rates, for both full productions and individual contractor needs
  • Fantastic attention to detail and problem solving abilities
  • Excellent calm and focus under pressure, ability to critically think during a crisis
  • Ability to travel
  • Ability to lift 50lbs 
  • Strong desire to keep pushing the boundaries of esports production with the desire to innovate and invent in the name of producing the best esports productions in the world
  • Ability to work unusual production hours, including weekends and occasionally overnight when necessary
  • Experience managing on-air talent
  • Ability to work without direct supervision
  • Experience managing and developing a team
  • Exceptional organizational, technical, time-management, interpersonal, management, and communication skills
  • Creative drive for storytelling 


  • Understanding of esports organizations, ecosystems, and events
  • Degree in Design, Media, Networking, Film, Production or related field
  • Experience with Adobe Suite


Mainline offers competitive salaries and benefits, including paid health, vision, dental, life insurance, and short-term disability for employees. We also offer unlimited vacation and flexible office hours.

The Bottom Line:
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