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Stage 1: Mainline Events

Status: Live

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Part Mainline.GG is dedicated to our online gaming community that features ongoing events for amateurs and professionals.

Our events feature top-tier talent competing in hand-picked games. It’s our goal to organize tournaments, exhibitions, and contests for computer- and console-based platforms — not just among pros but for any level of talent.

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Stage 2: Mainline Community

Status: In Progress

Mainline.GG Community

Mainline.GG is an esports-focused media site with an emphasis on our forums. We cover the esports industry from a professional perspective, but, with our forums, want Mainliners to drive the conversation alongside our professional writers.

Coming in 2019!

Mainline.GG Media

Mainline.GG has partnered with publishers, organizations, leagues, games, teams, events, and players to provide the most accurate, up-to-date, and compelling coverage of the esports industry. Everyone works alongside each other, publishing content and coverage to boards and working to make the communities thrive.

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Stage 3: The Future

Status: In Progress

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We're constantly on the lookout for great talent.

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