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What is this?

The Mainline.GG Community

You are wondering what on earth Mainline.GG is. We’re glad you’re here, we’re glad you’re interested, and we’re glad you love esports.

Mainline is an esports-only community-focused platform. We cover the esports industry from a professional perspective, but we think of it more like an old-school forum; Mainliners can make posts to organization, game, or company boards – right alongside our professional media writers. We also got profiles, chats, push notifications and all the conveniences of modern social applications but with the heart and ethos of what made original Internet communities awesome.

Mainline.GG Media

Mainline has partnered with publishers, organizations, leagues, games, teams, events, and players to provide the most accurate, up-to-date, and compelling coverage of the esports industry. Everyone works alongside each other, publishing content and coverage to boards and working to make the communities thrive.

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Mainline Events

A core part of our community is also at the heart of esports: competition. We don't want to just talk about esports, we want to be about it.

Our events feature top-tier talent competing in hand-picked games, but we also want YOU. In our Open Series, amateur gamers can not only win their way into the competitive ranks but take home legit prizes (including straight cash, homie). It's our goal to organize tournaments, exhibitions, and contests for computer- and console-based platforms — not just between pros but for any level of talent.

Esports Arena

We're so serious about it, we're building

Houston's first-ever esports arena

in our backyard.

Careers with ML

We're constantly on the lookout for great talent. Interested in joining us at HQ in Houston? We're looking for the following:

  • Front End Developers
  • Back End Developers
  • Community Management
  • Content Creation

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