Mainline helps colleges and universities manage, monetize, & market their esports programs.

Mainline is a collegiate tournament organizer

Managed Tournaments

White-glove service on a white-label platform

Mainline is the creator of Gauntlet – a toolkit designed for esports tournament technology – and is dedicated to hosting, administering, and managing competitive, community-focused esports events and leagues.

The university-branded esports tournament platform enables schools to manage, monetize, and market their esports programs through licensed, white-label sites and applications.

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Key Features

Identity Verification

Verifies student status using their ID/UIN/.edu accounts

Sponsorship Focused

Quick and easy sponsorship branding for an event

Player and Team Profiles

Individual and team profiles for hands-off control

Team Management

Manage teams in tournaments with easy admin controls

Tournament Notifications

Control and automate text and email tournament notifications

Multi-Format Tournament Support

Structure your tournament in the way that works best for you

Versatile Scoring

Designed to handle all possible match outcomes and tournament formats

Match Chat Functionality

Easy communication between competitors with built-in chat

Powerful Admin Controls

Scoring, tournament progression, and more!

Monetized Tournaments

Sponsored Tournaments

Our esports platform can provide new revenue streams from the creation of additional sponsorship inventory giving schools the ability to fund program growth through brand partnerships. 

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Key Benefits

New Revenue Streams

Leverage new sponsorship assets through brand partnerships

Control Your Program

The ability for a college or university to have oversight of their esports programs

Win a Competitive Edge

Branded software that promotes credibility of your esports program to drive awareness to recruits and the university’s esports community

Tournament Ops and Admin Support

We partner with the programs to plan, run, and execute tournaments, while providing administrative assistance and education

Take Control of Your Tournaments

Build Your Esports Community

Increase your program’s awareness and visibility by enabling improvement of student engagement and growing the university’s esports community and following. Give control of the teams to the members. Invites, rosters, and lineups are all there.

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Case Study: Texas A&M University

A Conversation with Pat Coyle, Chief Revenue Officer at Texas A&M University

What was the process like when working with Mainline?

Mainline made it as easy as possible for [Texas A&M] to identify and validate the need for an internal esports tournament platform. Mainline ran the entire process for [Texas A&M] from onboarding, buildout, title selection, and administration of our tournament. It was also an important plus that Mainline was able to integrate seamlessly into [Texas A&M’s] UIN (student ID system) to validate that those playing were indeed students at Texas A&M. Mainline made the setup process as easy as possible.

How has esports grown?

While the club team at A&M is continuing to grow, it was an eye-opener for [Texas A&M] to see 33 teams register in just over 2 weeks for a Rocket League tournament that did not include prize pools but rather experiences. Texas A&M is excited to get behind its esports club and help it grow.

What makes the platform successful to you?

The fact that it looks like it’s [Texas A&M’s] and we have control over game titles, sponsors, and administration. The customization is very important for growing our program and integrating brands into the experience. In addition to the number of teams that registered, it was also important to see sponsors get onboard with our first-ever tournament.

Can you live without the program?

While Texas A&M could continue to use other tournament providers, none currently offer the level of white-labeling, integration, and administration that Mainline can offer. This makes it worth the investment because it enables Texas A&M to keep control. There are other free platforms out there. However, they do not integrate into our system and give us the flexibility we need. Efficiency and pricing make Mainline attractive.

How do the students like it?

Mainline’s software is intuitive and simple. [Texas A&M] hopes to empower our esports club team to manage the technology themselves as part of the process of being in the club. As Mainline’s collegiate clout continues to grow, Texas A&M hopes to grow with it.

What does the school think of esports now?

[Texas A&M] has recognized the growth in esports over the last few years and as such, [Texas A&M] recognizes that there needs to be support and controls in place for the club team in order to take them to the next level of collegiate esports. This is where Mainline’s technology, experience, and partnerships really come into play.

How do you see our platform serving as a springboard for esports at Texas A&M?

Next steps, build annual (seasonal) leagues that students pay to play and grow opportunities for sponsorships. [Texas A&M] is hoping that this starts to put some continuity into the esports scene at the university.

Is there anything else you’d like to add?

With IP rights being so important in the space, it is important to partner with someone like Mainline to guide Texas A&M through that tricky road.

Would you work with us again?

100%. [Texas A&M] is already planning the fall season.

Leave it to the pros.

Mainline has the tools to manage your tournament from start to game over.

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Our Partners

Mainline is proud to have worked with some of the biggest names in esports.

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