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Our Tournament Management System (TMS) is designed to fit the needs of everyone

Tournament Management System

Built for Admins and Moderators

Mainline’s Tournament Management System (TMS) is the premiere, scalable solution to esports tournament organization. The application is dedicated to hosting, administering, and managing competitive esports events and leagues. Our TMS provides new opportunities for sponsorship, advertising, and data capture.

Key features and functionality include a number of value-adds:
  • Scalable and white-label
  • Rapid go-to-market
  • Sponsorship integration
  • Custom registration forms
  • Supports all esports titles
  • Proven to support hundreds of teams simultaneously
  • Responsive, mobile-friendly
  • Multiple tournament formats
  • Custom data capture
  • Match chats for team comms
  • Email and text notifications
  • Streamlined & consistent user experience

Admin Portal

Administrator and moderator success is the heart of the TMS. The mission is to build powerful administration tools to quickly and efficiently launch, host, and scale competitions.

  • Student Verification

    The system supports the verification of players-as-students where any number of domain email addresses can be validated.

  • League and Tournament Hubs

    Mainline’s TMS enables our clients to house all tournaments within one customized home page where players can select the competition for their respective game title, all customizable via the admin portal.

  • Custom PDF/Image Uploads on Registration

    With our Custom Registration Forms feature, admins can add a PDF/image upload field to registration for transcript confirmation

The admin portal inside Mainline's TMS
Team Management

Easy Team Management

  • Flexible Control

    Team Captains can visit custom-branded leagues and directories to create their teams and set rosters for any style of event. Roles allow for non-player directors or team coordinators to edit and coordinate teams.

  • Single Account for All Tournaments

    Players on the tournament management system create an account they can reuse each time they log in to the tournament site — for now, or for future competitions.

  • Game Adjustments and History

    Starting lineups can be adjusted before every game, with substitutes available at each game check-in. Games also record a history of participating teammates.


  • Live Chat Support

    Through match chat, players can instantly ping an admin. Teams can interact with one another, and all communications through match chat are tracked for reference and integrity.

  • Reschedule Requests

    With our match chat system, players can reschedule future matches on the match screen and alert an admin when a new time is confirmed among the teams.

  • Ticketing System

    Players can submit a support ticket that will instantly notify an admin or moderator.

  • Discord

    Our Community Managers work directly with your Discord admins to help foster community and address the needs of the students.

  • Enhanced Notifications

    Ensure high participation rates with our proactive check-in notifications and team-based alerts.

Van Wagner

Matches and Brackets

  • Major Formats

    Featuring all major formats (Swiss, round robin, single elimination, and double elimination), the TMS is able to accommodate any desired tournament structure.

  • Full Control of Tournament Flow

    Full control of registration start and end times is available, including manual overrides. Players are able to autonomously update and manage their rosters prior to the time period that rosters are locked.

  • Moderator-Driven

    Match screens enable teams to easily check in based on any given time frame, and auto no-shows can be enabled to move tournaments along without manual intervention. Moderators can override any match result or game score as needed.

Extensible API Interactions

  • All Data Points

    Mainline’s TMS comes with an API that allows access to all data within a client’s tournament sites. Game scores, match fixtures, team information, rosters — everything can be leveraged to extend your marketing campaigns or be extremely useful in broadcasts and productions. The API is constantly updated and expanded, and it includes every major statistic and data point from tournaments.

  • Consuming Data

    Mainline’s TMS is capable of consuming API data, as well. It’s perfectly suited to store and show player and match statistics alongside team information. Giving players a definitive location for their league results is paramount, and Mainline is capable of delivering the experience.

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