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Making it easy to unlock the value of esports for everyone

Company Overview

Mainline is an esports technology company and tournament organizer: We live to organize esports tournaments. We take care of everything from design and production to administration and moderation – but our core focus is on creating the behind-the-scenes technology and backbone to power the tournament infrastructure.

Our goal is to create the best possible end-to-end tournament solutions for our clients, which include colleges and universities, major organizations, businesses, and brands.

We believe in the power of competitive gaming. We believe in our mission statement: “Making it easy to unlock the value of esports for everyone.”

Mainline’s Core Values

All of our work is measured against the company’s core values, and all of our values support our mission statement. When we hire, we specifically look for people that embody the following approach to their careers:

  1. Do It Together: Teamwork is essential. Without collaboration, nothing Mainline accomplishes would be possible. Doing it together is the enduring ideal to constantly elevate the team above the individual.
  2. Love What You Do: Work isn’t always fun, but we believe everyone should still have fun while at work. We want to foster an environment where we can dream bigger than we thought possible as individuals and as a team and have a blast doing so.
  3. Give a Damn: We are passionate about the work we do. We care about the quality of our product and the quality of the experiences we create. We care about each other. We care about the community. We never settle for subpar and fully commit to everything we do.
  4. Improve Continuously: We have set out to solve complex problems knowing it will not be easy, but through a constant desire to learn and grow, with courage and boldness, we promise to better our craft, our code, and ourselves.
  5. Strive for Wow: The feedback we receive should always result in “WOW”. This drives our daily work habits and underscores our conversations, deliverables, and mentality.

About You

Your objective: Be responsible for the frameworks that compose a complex web application, including styling, Components, API access, and state management. This position reports to the Head of Engineering.

  • First and foremost, you take pride in what you produce. You understand the significant influence you have over the company’s product, so you are driven to work hard because of your internal high bar – not because someone asked you to.
  • You are capable of performing tasks while delivering business outcomes through the development of our product. Balancing your time while working and planning alongside other developers is essential to the success of this position.
  • You maintain a startup mentality when approaching your work. This means you’re good with rapid change, flexible on your timelines, and dedicated to tasks under pressure.
  • You probably dream big ideas but understand the need for a business to deliver on time. You have no problem prioritizing and working with the team to ensure our deadlines are met.
  • You are detail oriented, organized, and capable of tracking multiple features related to the product

Job Description and Responsibilities

Mainline is growing quickly, and we need to retain clients while pursuing hockey stick growth; we also need efficient and effective technology to accomplish this. This position will work seamlessly with the rest of the Product Team – which includes Design and Management – to establish the future of, help grow, and maintain our technology. This person will be tasked with developing flexible and enterprise-ready solutions and architecture.

Though the description and responsibilities are in regards to this specific role, the position is expected to be conversant in the entire product, not only that which they’ve designed or implemented. This is to ensure that all developers are aware of the true business needs as expressed by the Mainline Product team.

  • Be responsible for HTML/CSS framework design and implementation, business logic framework design and implementation, API access framework design and implementation, and top-level component and state management architecture design and implementation
  • Communicate closely with the Product, Design, and Quality Assurance Teams to understand the features and presentation required to support Mainline’s business offerings and to align new requirements with existing designs
  • Create extensible and easily testable styling, business logic, state management, and component frameworks that integrate completely with the back end and streamline Front-End Developer efforts as primary goals
  • Outputs from a Front-End Architect include reusable UI components, reusable styling guidelines, direction on state management within the web application, and collaboration with API Architects on responses from Web APIs
  • Be a leader in technical implementation and assist in coordinating front-end development and QA on delivered user interfaces

Skills and Qualifications

  • Fully proficient in front-end technologies, with special regard for HTML, SCSS, and TypeScript
  • Fully proficient in Angular 11+ Component architecture and Web API access and state management technologies, including NgRx or NGXS
  • Understanding of agile methodologies and the agile development cycle
  • Proficient in Git source control, including pull requests, branch workflows, merge conflict resolution, etc.
  • Proficient in agile methodologies and the agile development cycle
  • Dedicated to continuous learning and continual improvement
  • Dedicated to transparency and hypercommunication alongside high-functioning interpersonal skills
  • Comfortable with Google Meet, Google Docs, Google Sheets, Google Analytics, Discord, and other technologies as leveraged by the company to perform day-to-day operations


Mainline offers competitive salaries and benefits, including paid health, vision, dental, life insurance, and short-term disability for the employee. We offer unlimited vacation and the ability to work remotely.

The Bottom Line:
We want to help you

Absolutely no pressure. No hard sell. Let's get together and see if we can help you grow your esports programs and tournaments.